About Rock Springs Paper

In 1990-something, in the middle of what's now known as a quarter-life crisis, my mom treated me to a weekend in Blowing Rock, NC. In the gift shop of the Parkway Craft Center, I fell in love with a set of note cards made with beautiful marbled paper. They were so pretty, in fact, that I saved the last two and thought, "I'm going to learn to do this - when I retire." Every time I opened my stationery box there they were, saying "Someday."

Fast forward a few decades. After dabbling in decoupage, papermaking and collecting vintage magazines in an effort to fill my time in our half-empty nest, I spotted a $15 marbling kit in the kids' section of New York magazine's holiday gift guide. Figuring I'd spent $15 on much dumber things, I sent away for the kit. Cue the lightbulb over the head, the key and the kite, the clouds parting. I'd found "my thing!," and Rock Springs Paper Craft was born.

Now, I love sharing my creations with people as unique gifts for someone special, or goodies for themselves. And I'm so glad I didn't wait till I retired to get started!

Rock Springs Paper Craft is named after the home in Ellicott City, Maryland where my mother grew up. (That's a picture of it from the 50s at the top of this page.) As a child, I spent countless hours exploring every inch and acre of it: books and treasures from basement to attic; memories and imaginary adventures from the top of the hill to the end of the lane. I still dream about Rock Springs. 

Please connect with Rock Springs Paper on social media, or email me if you'd like to collaborate!

- Sasha Trosch, founder